Group Hike

Montessori Secondary Education

discovering what is possible with the awareness of 

self, others and the environment


Committed to Education

Peace Experiment is an opportunity for all 11-18 year olds to define their education.

Education for Peace is the central theme in our community.


We are a Montessori Secondary School with Peace at the centre of our curriculum. Our experiment explores what education for peace looks like in our community and environment.


We welcome all students from all backgrounds, ethnicities, races, abilities, orientations, and genders. 


Students are accepted for who they are, and feel supported by each other. No bullying, no pressure, no judgements, no discrimination. 

We are a creative learning environment.

Our key competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum are Thinking, Relating to others, Participating, Managing self, Understanding symbols and texts - we use the curriculum areas to explore these competencies: the Arts, PE & Health, Technology,  Languages, Science, Social Sciences, English, Mathematics.

As a United Nations recognised school we use the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations as key pillars to our explorations.

Assessment and Qualifications:   Students use learning experiences to build their academic rigour. Students may elect to study for qualifications such as standards from NCEA on the NZQF framework. Note the NCEA is changing and students will be updated as changes affect them.

Students take responsibility for learning.

No classes. No homework. No uniform. No assemblies.

No assignments. No detentions. No tests. No exams (unless requested).