Bringing some Montessori Teaching to Mainstream Schooling

By admin
Posted Monday, Mar 21 2022
Contemporary Education | Montessori Education

Montessori has shown to be effective for learning for students of all ages, and for many different walks of life. We are often asked can we just pick bits of it up and move it parts to mainstream?


What might that look like?


Montessori is based on the child’s individual needs. These vary across children, from moment to moment, and from day to day. So a Montessori environment is always ready to respond to a student’s interest. We prepare the environment so that students can access their learning at any time. You don’t have to wait for the teacher, or for maths time to learn about geometry. You don’t have to sit through early geology concepts if you are ready to move on to more advanced thinking such as how do landforms change in response to human habitation.

We also have some valuable materials that students need to be instructed to know how to use. These are carefully presented and always ready for the students. Learning to work with the materials with care and respect is modelled in a 1:1 learning situation. Where the appropriate language and skills are given alongside concepts at exactly the right level for the child, as it is a 1:1 exchange.

We also allow for freedom of movement, the students can sit and work in any combination of friendships, physical spaces, furniture arrangements and so on. With this freedom of movement we give responsibility and free choice. This allows the child to develop both independence and concentration. The know everything they need they can get, and they will be allowed to think these through.

SO this means that for Montessori to work these elements must be present. If these elements are present, then you already have a Montessori environment!

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