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Montessori Educational Theory

Assignment 5a: Explore Montessori and Social Justice - contexts might include Education for Peace, Cosmic Education, Ethics, Sustainability

Assignment 5b: Independent Research - any approved research topic that follows the researchers interest, eg - education system / pedagogy comparisons

Montessori Environments

Assignment 1a: Record notes (manual) on how to present Montessori materials across 4 subjects, at least 10 materials in each subject AND present one presentation in each subject in real time

Assignment 1b: Develop an understanding the Prepared environment including curriculum delivery; characteristics of materials, 3 period lesson, friendliness with error; identifying the effect student in space, time and identity

Montessori Futures

Assignment 2a: Futures contexts may include - Te Ao Māori or other indigenous people, New Zealand (or other local) education, Global trends, the New Human, critical theory

Assignment 2b: Design your own school / centre; compare and contrast choices with contemporary practice

Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy

Assignment 4a: Montessori biography - explore a theme that emerges from a study of the life of Montessori

Assignment 4b: Psychology - normalisation, sensitive periods, human needs, tendencies, planes of development,

Montessori in Practice

Assignment 3a: Use observations to deeply understand 4 students (over 10 observations each); Including quiescence graphs one per day, each observation should be over a 3 hour period.

Assignment 3b: Prepared adult - spiritual preparation and transformation of the adult; Teaching practice insights (observe self); Teaching Metaphor; permission to intervene

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