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Motu Montessori

Education for adults

Motu Montessori Introduction Certificate: meets your needs as an adult to learn more about Montessori education. You might be a teacher wanting to learn more, you might be a parent wanting to understand your own children, you may be in a supportive role, or just plain curious.

Motu Montessori

– Adult Certificate

You can study to gain a Motu Montessori certificate, this can be face to face, online or blended. You can live anywhere, and access support anytime.

Motu Montessori - Adult Certificate
Potential Participants

Potential Participants

Already registered teachers – select an age level 0 – 3, 3 – 6, 6 – 12, or 12 – 18,
flexitime, independent study, 1:1 tuition, follow your own path
International students – special conditions apply

Parents, friends, academics, supporters, trustees

This Motu Montessori certificate can be seen as a pathway to further studies such as a Montessori Diploma, the certificate does not from part of teacher registration


MOTU? – means island, or nation – which includes all of us
MONTESSORI? – learning more about Montessori education, the life of Maria Montessori, a cosmological world view, pedagogy, planes of development, philosophy, theory and more

MOTU MONTESSORI CERTIFICATE is a guided independent course of study, as an introduction to Montessori education, for adults. The course is offered online, face to face or blended learning. There are 5 modules to complete, each has 2 assignments.  A certification means a candidate completes all assignments and requirements, within the time frame.



Steven Arnold, MOTU MONTESSORI co-ordinator and tutor:, 021 081 34482


Steven Arnold (Montessori diplomas 3 – 6, 6 – 12, 12 – 15, 15 – 18); PGDipEd, MEd- Montessori Integrated Learning, Current lecturer TIES, past senior lecturer in Montessori AUT, Principal. parent, teacher, consultant with over 30 years Montessori experience.

length of course

Students can start at any time, students have one calendar year – from the start date – to complete their studies. Extra modules can be added on.


$4600 (incl GST), Payable prior to the start of study; extra modules will cost $920 each, enrolments have a rolling start – any time


You will have a dedicated tutor, able to answer all your questions and guide your studies.  You can join the optional seminar session either in person on zoom (Monday 4 – 6pm during term times, at Peace Experiment, Panmure Auckland). You will be able to work through your assignments at your own pace, in your own way.  There are readings, and videos and other course requirements.  Independent learning requires motivation, but also allows for flexibility.  The initial conversation we will set out a plan of learning for you, then regular conversations occur at your request. 

my tasks

Studies include 10 assignments.  You can complete the assignments in any order, and at any time.  The assignments will be discussed with you, and you can negotiate your own pathway to respond to the assignments. 

summer school

There is an optional 2 week residential summer course where you can join others and explore your assignments. Living in community is an important aspect of Montessori education.  Note the is a separate cost to this (Dates and costs to be advised). 

Next Steps

my tasks
  • access to an approved Montessori classroom of the age of your choice, for observations.
  • access to a  set of Montessori materials to support your own learning.
  • access to books and resource materials as they come in the course each student follows an independent path, so there is no generic booklist)

Your tutor can help set these up for you.

Modules and Assessments

Students select an area within the context of the assignment as listed and respond in any suitable way that meets the criteria as agreed by the tutor. Responses may include reports, videos, essays, poetry and so on. The level expected is for a stage 3 university student (last year of a Bachelors Degree). Full APA referencing will be needed where resources have been used, as a guide, approx 2000 – 3000 words per assignment, 8 – 10 references. A pass will be offered when the standard is obtained, students may repeat submit as often as they like, within the calendar year (12 month) time frame

Modules x 5


Montessori Environments

Montessori Materials and the Prepared Environment – understand how to present some materials and how to set up a prepared environment


Assignment 1a: Record notes (manual) on how to present Montessori materials across 4 subjects, at least 10 materials in each subject AND present one presentation in each subject in real time

Assignment 1b: Develop an understanding the Prepared environment including curriculum delivery; characteristics of materials, 3 period lesson, friendliness with error; identifying the effect student in space, time and identity


Montessori Futures

Critically explore the Future of education, design a learning centre


Assignment 2a: Futures contexts may include – Te Ao Māori or other indigenous people, New Zealand (or other local) education, Global trends, the New Human, critical theory

Assignment 2b: Design your own school / centre; compare and contrast choices with contemporary practice


Montessori In Practice

Observations is the scientific basis that informs Montessori education, and the Spiritual preparation and transformation of the adult forms the significant change in understanding the role of the adult in the prepared environment


Assignment 3a: Use observations to deeply understand 4 students (over 10 observations each); Including quiescence graphs one per day, each observation should be over a 3 hour period.

Assignment 3b: Prepared adult – spiritual preparation and transformation of the adult; Teaching practice insights (observe self); Teaching Metaphor; permission to intervene


and Pedagogy

Maria Montessori biography is a study which outlines the major events in her life, students will choose an aspect of the biography to study, and will learn about the developmental psychology approach


Assignment 4a: Montessori biography – explore a theme that emerges from a study of the life of Montessori

Assignment 4b: Psychology – normalisation, sensitive periods, human needs, tendencies, planes of development,



Contemporary New Zealand (or other country) education and Montessori; Explore Social Justice and Independent Research


Assignment 5a: Explore Montessori and Social Justice – contexts might include Education for Peace, Cosmic Education, Ethics, Sustainability

Assignment 5b: Independent Research – any approved research topic that follows the researchers interest, eg – education system / pedagogy comparisons