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Our Philosophy or Kaupapa is our way of doing things, and what we believe in.  We have strong values.

School rules:

"Safety first, respect always, environment matters"


We seek to be at peace with self, other and the environment and explore the values of education for peace- with grace, generosity and gratitude



We contribute to the Montessori education movement through furthering the work and legacy of Maria Montessori,


The adolescent / adult learner is central in our curriculum and so consciously we challenge conventional approaches to education – We continuously ask "What if…?" 


We respect and acknowledge the dual heritage of the partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi using Te Reo, and embrace the intent of the treaty to validate biculturalism in Aotearoa


We recognise and show gratitude for the diversity of people from different ages, genders, cultures, nationalities, abilities, perspectives, and orientations; and acknowledge their contributions to our multicultural society. 


We recognize our place and our time; here (location in Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand) and now (21st century and beyond)


We recognise and use the strengths of ourselves and each other in our community


We are inspired by each other


We cooperate with others in youth education and adult education;


We maintain the highest standards of respect, dignity, nobility, trust, professionalism and integrity.

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