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ERO Report 3 May 2018


"Peace Experiment has the Montessori philosophy and peace at the centre of its curriculum. The board and staff have a strong commitment to giving opportunities for learners to define their relationship with education, and give leadership in creating a more peaceful world. Students are encouraged to explore what education for peace looks like in the community and environment. This exploration involves an ‘experiment’ process, and is reflected in the school’s name.

The school offers a suitable curriculum that is negotiated and designed with each learner. Tuition helps learners to develop self efficacy and confidence as lifelong learners. Students give direction for the study of their interests, supported by the New Zealand Curriculum learning areas and Montessori resources. They have access to experts including staff, members of the community, local personnel, and a wide range of international contacts. Timetables and programmes evolve to suit students’ individual needs."

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