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Why Montessori isn't age limited

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

There's a common misconception that Montessori education is solely for small children, when in fact Montesorri is an education philosophy suited for all ages, (in fact Peace Experiment is for children 11-18!). Read more to find out how Montessori works as children grow.


Montessori is an approach to education based on human development. It follows 4 major planes of development of about 6 years. These are sometimes broken into sub-planes of about 3 years in length

Plane One

Plane one from 0 -6 is a developmental plane, where the human develops language, movement, social interaction, and becomes more and more independent of their parents The child learns primarily through the senses, and is intrigued by their immediate environment. Children learn through working with their hands, often using specially designed materials to support sensorial development. Students learn practical life skills, as well as early language and mathematics. They are encouraged in the arts, culture and physical activity; often connected with nature.

Plane Two

Plane two from 6 – 12, nurtures the development of imagination, social justice and a curiosity for how the Universe works, and how it all fits together. Students learn primarily through their imagination, and abstract thinking, they become the infinite child. The child learns through materials designed to provide information in context. The child learns about the history and development of humans, extending maths, languages, social sciences, technology, geography and physical education

Plane Three

Plane three from 12 – 18 is the age of the social child. Here their main focus is developing an understanding of themselves in relation to others, and the universe. The other students play a crucial role in social development, and so the social child engages with groups and activities, ideas are more political and they start to actively categorise and understand themselves and start to form proto adult relationships.

Final Plane

The final plane from 18 – 24 is the spiritual plane, where people develop and question sets of beliefs, at this age further study, careers or strong relationships are formed, often leading to supporting the next generation.

The three year age grouping of classes found in many Montessori environments reflect the stages of growth. The first year is the novice year, the second is gaining mastery and the third as leader is also a teaching and sharing year.

If you'd like to see more Montessori myths we've busted, check out our blog post below!

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