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Experimenting in Lab


  • We start each day from 8am  (you arrive when you are ready by arrangement);

  • As a student you can travel independently as we are right by a public transport hub (trains and buses)

  • The day begins by checking your individual plan of work

  • Staff are always there to help you nurture your own interests, provide feedback and guidance, and offer advice.

  • You might make your own lunch, bring something from home, or go out for a treat to the local shops.

  • Without a timetable you won't have to stop doing something in the middle.  You can work, uninterrupted for as long as you like. 

  • You develop individual work plans, and set goals

  • We value independence, free choice and concentration.

  • You have staff who motivate, support, monitor and guide, and have regular conferences with you, they offer pastoral care and communicate with your parents

  • Perhaps you might go on a trip into town, or a swim, or a walk up the mountain - you get to organise and lead the activities

  • You choose your own topics, and areas of interest; you are welcome to work toward NCEA at any time.

  • Students engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG

  • Students complete a term by term PERSONAL PEACE PROJECT PPP - learning how to manage self

  • Students complete an annual MAKE A DIFFERENCE experience, MAD - you contribute to your society.

  • You may leave when you are finished for the day. We close at 5pm.

The whole school goes on camp at least 4 times a year (every term) for about 4 days.  Usually the camps are within one hour of Auckland.

How many students do we have (current as per the previous July)?  Education Counts

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