What is the Personal Peace Project?

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Posted Thursday, Mar 17 2022
Contemporary Education

The Personal Peace Project is something very important to Peace Experiment and our students love it! Find out more about what the PPP is, and why it’s so crucial to our curriculum.

PPP, Personal Peace Project is an independent project taken by all students over the period of a term. The aim is to ask students to focus on what makes them peaceful, or happy or contented.

Some suggestions include regular swimming, meditating, reading daily, ‘becoming less anxious’, learning music, monitoring sleep patterns, Time out zones, socialising, and so on.

The students choose any activity, and with the help and guidance of staff create a way of experiencing that activity (or lack of activity), and reflect on any changes that they experience. This process puts wellness at the centre of our school curriculum, it is a valued part of their school day, and is treated with the same interest as other parts of the curriculum.

We often promote wellness in schools beyond the school day, by elevating it to front and centre, we believe we give the students a real opportunity to reflect on their experiences and value their own mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

The students can choose any topic of interest to them, and they are invited to show evidence, reflections in any way they choose: a video, a short story, graphs, photos of the PPP and so on. The students can upload any data they choose at any point on to an app that helps them to keep track of their experiences. The app also promotes goal setting, and recognising 3 good things that happen that day. There are many other avenues for well-being in the free APP (MyMahi.com)

PPP sits alongside two other core curriculum areas. SDG Sustainable Development Goals, from the United Nations. MAD – Make a Difference, contribute to something that is bigger than your own needs, and make a difference to the world. So, we have personal peace, Global awareness and Community action as core to our curriculum. This is the essence of PEACE EXPERIMENT.

If you want to find out more about the PPP then please get in touch, we’d be thrilled to tell you more!


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