Why is Peace Experiment Called Peace Experiment

By admin
Posted Thursday, Apr 07 2022
Peace Experiment

All education is a chance for a new generation of young people to explore life, to try new things, to discover who they are, and to start to determine their futures. This process is an experiment. Many times things won’t work out exactly as you planned. The students experiment with personality types, friendship groups, interests, after-school clubs, relationships, school work, and so on. Students also learn about interactions, leadership, kindness, team work, being a friend, and so much else. They learn about conflict, and conflict management, maintain identity, articulating goals and living values.

We have a belief that students are learning about peace with themselves, peace with others and peace with the environment. It is this safe learning environment, where WHAT IF? thinking is the norm, and mistakes are valued and treasured as valuable learning moments that students feel supported to experiment. In lots of ways it is going to happen anyway, and best perhaps to experiment in teen years, rather than ‘on the job’.

Montessori Education, is a highly researched, evidenced based approach to pedagogy that emerges from the observations and insights of those engaged. The learners are free to learn and behave and are supported by a prepared environment, supportive staff and a conscious cohort, who are also learning.

Peace Experiment, is an opportunity for all of us to work out the best way forward. The Montessori approach is over 110 years old, and is the biggest single network of a pedagogy in the world. The largest school in the world is in India it is called Lucknow City Montessori School and has 52000 students. Montessori education is tried and true, we know what we are doing, and we believe we can support students to find their own path.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Peace Experiment and how we doing things differently get in touch!